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Potential Change in Network Provider

BlueCross Blue Shield of Florida (BSBSFL) has notified us, that are in negotiations with the VitalMD physician group. If they are unable to reach an agreement, physicians and groups owned by VitalMD will become out-of-network providers beginning April 16, 2023.

We understand this process may create uncertainty for you and your family, and realize your choice in healthcare providers is important. Our goal is to minimize disruption and ensure you and your family members continue to have access to the highest-quality providers.

If you or a family member is or has been a patient of a women’s health, pediatric, or adult primary care physician whose practice is owned by VitalMD physician group, you may receive communication from VitalMD advising you of their negotiation status with BCBSFL.

Rest assured, that regardless of the outcome, ICUBA will continue to cover VitalMD providers as in-network healthcare providers during negotiation. Please note, If VitalMD and BCBSFL are unable to reach an agreement, ICUBA will continue to cover VitalMD providers as in-network providers through July 31, 2023. To view a complete list of potential providers effected by the negotiations, please visit Additional resources and information about the negotiations is available from BCBSFL at

We are hopeful negotiations with VitalMD will see a speedy resolution for ICUBA members and remain committed to providing you and your family members with high quality, affordable health care. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Care Connected at (855) 258-9029.


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