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Retirees under 65

Opt-in for Information About Retiree Coverage

Please note, retiree coverage is only available to eligible retirees as determined by your employer. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact your employer's Human Resources or Benefits Department. Submitting the opt-in form is not a guarantee of benefits, nor does it imply eligibility for benefits under an ICUBA Retiree Insurance Plan.

To best view the opt-in form, please visit this page on your personal computer. Your mobile device may not properly display the online form. 

Online account access for COBRA and Retiree administration is available at

Customer service is available by phone at 888.868.3539* or by email at

*Please note when calling Ameriflex customer service for Retiree coverage, members will need to select the COBRA option from the interactive voice menu.

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