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120 Days with Ameriflex

The end of July marks our first four months with Ameriflex, and so far, our experience has been awesome. We know your Flexible Spending and Health Reimbursement Accounts benefits can be complicated and want to make sure we do everything we can to help you maximize your benefits.

The Ameriflex Participant Portal

Visit the Ameriflex Participant Portal at for easy online access to your Ameriflex accounts. You can also access the portal from ICUBA’s Single Sign-On at and clicking on the Ameriflex link under the My Carrier Accounts section. The Portal is the easiest way to view your account balance, substantiate claims, manage your message preferences, and add dependents to your account.

Tip: From the Home tab in the Portal, you can file claims, search help topics, shop the FSA store, and more by hovering or clicking on the items in the ribbon. If you have multiple accounts , they will be listed individually on the home page. For more information about each account, click on More Details next to your account balance.

Your Account Snapshot

From the Portal, you’ll be able to view your recent transactions and take action on any claims that require substantiation. Your most recent transactions are listed on your home page. Click on any claim to view additional information about the claim.

Substantiation Requests

If you use your ICUBA Benefits MasterCard and the expense is not automatically substantiated, it means additional information is required in order for ICUBA and your employer to comply with IRS regulations. When this happens, you’ll receive the First Substantiation Notice the day after the card swipe. Once you provide documentation for the claim and it is approved, no additional action will be required. If you do not provide documentation, you’ll receive an additional notice after 180 days.

Tip: Download the Ameriflex app to receive push notifications for your account activity, including when substantiation is required.

All notifications from Ameriflex are sent to the email address used to register your account. In most cases, this is the email address your employer provides ICUBA. The most common substantiation requests are for dental and vision services that do not match ICUBA benefit copays! If you are visiting a dental or vision provider, ask for an itemized receipt that contains the patient's name, date the expense was incurred, type of expense or service, name of the provider, and the amount charged for the service. You can upload that receipt as soon as you receive the first notice and expedite approval. For more information visit

Specific requirements for substantiating expenses paid with your ICUBA Benefits MasterCard are established and enforced by the Internal Revenue Service. It is important to remember that it is your responsibility to comply with IRS rules when using pre-tax dollars for healthcare related expenses. For more information and the complete IRS notice, visit

Message Settings

You can customize your message settings in the Ameriflex Participant Portal, controlling which messages you receive via email or push notification. To access your message settings:

  • Login to the Participant Portal

  • Hover on the More link in the ribbon

  • Select message settings

To receive all messages from Ameriflex, make sure the boxes under the Receive Email column are checked. Make sure to click the Save Changes button once you have updated your message settings to ensure the changes are applied!

If you need an extra nudge when it comes to substantiation documents, opt-in to receive messages via US Mail by checking the applicable boxes under the Receive Paper Mail column before saving your preferences.

Remember, you can update your message settings at any time in the Ameriflex Participant Portal and download the Ameriflex app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices.


BenefitsWise August 2022
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