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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Updated: May 4, 2022

It Only Takes a access Resources for Living

Culture and identity help shape who we are as individuals. Since our life experiences and beliefs influence how we approach life, it's important to know that mental health can look different for each of us. Knowing you are not alone can make a difference when it comes to reaching out to better your mental health.

There are many factors that impact mental health and wellness in diverse communities. They may include:

  • Stigma — reaching out for help can be seen as a weakness or something to hide

  • Support — family or community members may distance themselves from people struggling with mental he alth challenges

  • Access — are quality providers available?

  • Cost — mental health treatment costs can add up; even the thought of an extra bill to pay can deter many from seeking help

These factors can affect whether someone chooses to reach out for help.

By learning more, you can be an advocate for mental health support. These resources can help with overcoming stigma in diverse communities:

Take a step toward making a change for the better today. Together we can overcome stigma — one step at a time. Aetna Resources for Living can provide you and your family members with information and resources you need to lead a healthy productive life. View the It Only Takes a Minute video series from Resources for Living to see how real people approach emotional wellbeing. While you are there check out their Change Direction videos. You can learn how to recognize five signs that someone could be in a period of emotional distress.

Login to the EAP portal at

Username: ICUBA

Password: 8663775102

Reach out. Challenge stigma. Change Lives.


Are you ready to Rally?

Exercise and physical activity are proven to increase mental and emotional wellbeing. ICUBA is sponsoring a challenge to encourage you to add movement to your daily routine and have fun along the way! It’s simple to sign up for a challenge, and you can keep track of your progress using a fitness tracking device.

The Dash to DC Cherry Blossom challenge runs from May 3 through May 16. May's challenge is a great way to stay active, enjoy friendly competition with coworkers, and increase your emotional wellbeing. Complete this activity or any challenge to receive $5 per quarter!

Join the challenge from May 3 to May 16

  • Log in to and select BCBS My Health Toolkit® from the My Carrier Accounts section

  • Select the Benefits tab, then Rally® Wellness

  • Select Activities, then Challenges, then Dash to DC Cherry Blossoms

Already a Rally User? Search “Rally Health” to download the mobile app. Rally is available as a part of your employee benefits package.


BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) News

There was an error in a recent mailing sent on behalf of ICUBA by BCBS of Florida containing ID Card Sleeves for your new medical insurance card from ICUBA.

In some cases, names on the outside of the envelopes were incorrect due to a printing error, which resulted in the subscriber’s name being merged with the dependent’s name on the outside of the envelope. This error does not impact your medical plan coverage or the ability to receive services from a provider for you or your family members.

Our goal is to make sure you have accurate information moving forward. BCBS and ICUBA extend our sincere apologies for the error, and any confusion it may have created. If you have any benefit or claim related questions, please contact your BCBS Care Connected dedicated service team at (855) 258-9029 (also listed on the back of your ID card.)


Have questions for ICUBA? Email

May 2022 BenefitsWise
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