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Get more from your benefits with ICUBA

Physical therapy, without leaving your home with Hinge Health.

No copays. No office visits. Reduce your back and joint pain in just 15 minutes a day with Hinge Health. So, you can take the stairs, go hiking, run errands—and everything in between. ICUBA partners with Hinge Health to provide at-home therapy solutions for back, knee, shoulder, hip, and neck pain. With the help of Hinge Health's technology and highly trained therapists and coaches, ICUBA members are on their way to living pain free. This benefit is provided to all medical plan members at no cost.

Live a life free from Type 2 Diabetes with Virta Health

Virta Heath is a provider-led, research-backed treatment that reverses type 2 diabetes, meaning that patients can lower their blood sugar and A1c, all while reducing diabetes medications and losing weight. ICUBA fully covers the cost of Virta (valued at over $3,000) for you and your eligible family members with type 2 diabetes.

Visit to get started on your journey to a life free from Type 2 diabetes.

BenefitsWISE December 2022-F2
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