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On April 1, 2023 ICUBA's Pharmacy Benefits will be administered by BlueCross BlueShield


Read through some frequently asked questions about the changes to your prescription pharmacy benefits. 

When will I get my new ID card?

Your new card will arrive by April 1, 2023 and will be in the ICUBA portal virtually.

Can I still call ICUBAcares?

Yes! ICUBAcares Pharmacist Advocates are available by calling (877) 286-3967.

What about Prior Authorizations?

If you have an existing prior authorization in place it will be automatically transferred.

Who can I call for help if I need it?

Call BCBS at (855)-811-2218 24/7, or call an ICUBAcares Pharmacist at (877) 286-3967.

Are my copays changing?

No. Your copay amounts, coverage tiers, and pharmacy network will remain the same.

How can I access my new BCBS ID card?

In the ICUBA benefits portal, MyHealthToolkit, or MyRx Toolkit (web and mobile app).

What about my Optum Specialty Pharmacy?

Your existing specialty pharmacy prescriptions will continue to be provided by OptumRx.

What about my home delivery prescriptions?

Home Delivery will remain with Optum. Most mail order prescriptions will transfer around April 1.

What about mail order pharmacy?

Your current mail order pharmacy prescriptions will transfer. There's nothing for you to do!

What about Quantity Limits or Step Therapy?

If prior Quantity Limits and Step Therapy have been approved, they will transfer.

How do I find a network pharmacy?

There are no changes to your pharmacy network, but you can always verify in MyHealth Toolkit.

Is there anything I need to look out for?

Monitor your mail for a new ID card and any applicable special instructions in April.

Organizing Medicine

Download the My Rx Toolkit app April 1, 2023!

You can download the My Rx Toolkit app from the My Health Toolkit app, available with Single Sign On.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

Do I need to change my login information or re-register with My Health Toolkit?

No. You do not need to change your login information or re-register with the Blue Cross Blue Shield member portal or My Heath Toolkit app. Your pharmacy information will now appear here in addition to your medical insights. You can download the My Rx Toolkit app from the My Health Toolkit app, available with Single Sign On.

So there's no need to create a separate account

Ready to make the most of your pharmacy benefits?


Download the My Rx Toolkit app now.


The app makes it easy for you to get the most value from your prescription drug benefits. And you can access My Rx Toolkit from almost anywhere, including your doctor's office or pharmacy.

You can log in with your My Health Toolkit® username and password.

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